Duluth's 5 Star Preferred Hail Damage Repair Specialists

Hit By Hail Damage Repair? Follow This!

Step 1

Do not accept a cash-out offer from your insurance company! In most cases, the amount they offer will not cover the full cost of lost value to your vehicle!

Step 2

Report the damage to your insurance company and get a claim number before scheduling a repair. Let them know Duluth Dent Repair will be your preferred repair facility. According to the law, you have the choice as to who does the repair.

Step 3

Ask your insurance company about a rental vehicle so you will not be without transportation during the repair.

Step 4

Call us at 218-206-5638 to schedule the repair. We will work with your insurance company by making a full assessment of the damage. We use specialized reflector lights that will reveal the actual size of each dent and the number of dents in each panel. It is important to know that an adjuster will not be able to see the actual size of the dents accurately without the vehicle being in a shaded area, preferably indoors and using a proper reflector light. In our current situation with COVID-19, most insurance companies will not send an adjuster out but will ask for specific photos and videos with the dents marked clearly. We will document all the dents in each panel showing the number and size of each dent and will send a complete report along with the requested photos and videos along with a full estimate covering every cost item associated with the repair.

Step 5

Once the repair is completed we will make sure that any collision avoidance system has been recalibrated so you can be safe to drive the car. As a part of your hail damage repair, we provide a complete detailing of your car. Your car will look and feel like New!